Personal Mission
Learning to accept life’s challenges and values by embracing hope,
creativity and personal worth.

Specifically Designed Workshops

Peyton creates specifically designed workshops based on an organizations goal(s), as well as the needs of a chosen population. Although he has worked with many disABLED clients and organizations, Peyton has training in a variety of therapeutic methods, as Drama Therapy requires studies in a variety of mental health and therapeutic approaches. Some topics addressed in previous workshops include:

Social Skills:

  • Building relationships
  • Increasing confidence
  • Enhancing communication
  • Finding personal fulfillment
  • Learning to relax

Verbal & Non-Verbal Skills:

  • Expressing positive and negative emotions appropriately
  • Gaining awareness of body movement
  • Significance of making eye contact
  • Learning the power of appropriate touch
  • Developing a greater awareness of self in space

Select Drama Therapy techniques and methods used in workshop(s) may include:

  • Drama Exercises
  • Improvisation
  • Role Play
  • Performance
  • Masks
  • Poetry


Workshops are based on location, time, and date(s). Peyton will write a proposal that includes all associated costs and the content of each workshop once all details are secured from the organization.

Additional Information

Peyton works with clientele having a range of diversity, including age, race, gender, and disAbilities. Despite such diversity, a common theme exists: each person deserves self-value and each story matters! To learn more about Peyton’s clientele and educational training, please view Professional Practice.

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