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Easterseals of Arkansas’ Center for Training and Wellness

Peyton has been selected by Arkansas’ Department of Human Services – Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support (DCSNS) for the 2017 Community Service Award for providing drama therapy at Easterseals of Arkansas’ Center for Training and Wellness. Learn more.

Meet Peyton and Mylon and hear them discuss the benefits of Drama Therapy at the Easterseals of Arkansas’ Center for Training and Wellness!

Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Burn Unit, YAR/Camp Sunshine

Peyton held a Drama Therapy workshop for Camp Sunshine and Young Adults Retreat (YAR). The organization was founded in 1991 as an attempt to promote physical and emotional healing, as well as growth and development of burned children. It now provides both adult and pediatric survivors across the state of Arkansas with an opportunity to establish lasting friendships, experience personal growth, and develop lifelong memories. Camp Sunshine and YAR are provided free of charge to the camper, as all counselors and volunteers attend on a volunteer basis. Funding is totally provided by the Arkansas Professional Fire Fighters who conduct fundraisers throughout each year to raise the thousands of dollars needed.