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The World of Epilepsy: A Caregiver’s Perspective was developed to promote Epilepsy Awareness in different venues and for a variety of guests, including Caregivers, loved ones, friends, and those with epilepsy. There are currently no fees to produce this play and only a few requirements. By downloading and producing this play, you agree to the following:


  • A list of epilepsy Fast Facts/Statistics/Helping During A Seizure must be displayed and/or handed to audience members before or after each performance. Your group and/or organization may provide additional information and/or modified epilepsy information/statistics/etc. if needed.
  • Although donations are not required, it IS required to offer a donation opportunity either at the beginning or end of each performance to an¬†epilepsy fund of your choosing. A suggested list of epilepsy funds are available upon request. Community funds are also allowed, as long as they are epilepsy related.
  • Caregivers testimonies throughout the U.S. are to be displayed and rotated before each performance. These testimonies will be provided by the author in a slide format.
  • Inform the author of when/where the play is being produced. This is a MUST!


Download Play

Download Epilepsy Fast Facts

Download Epilepsy Statistics

Download Helping During A Seizure