Caregiver: Charles
Relationship to Loved One: NA
*Note: Does not have epilepsy. Rather, he has Inattentive ADHD. He was informative on neurological disorders and gladly answered some of the following questions.

What was/is the official diagnosis of your loved one?

What is your definition of epilepsy?

When was your loved one diagnosed with epilepsy?

How did it change your life?
A correct diagnosis guides a person to look at the right category for additional information.

What was your initial response of his/her first seizure?

What have been some of the BIGGEST challenges you face as a parent/husband/wife/etc.?

What are some of the DAILY challenges you face?

What are some false thoughts about people with epilepsy?

What is your biggest fear for your loved one?

Has your loved one had any seizure-related surgery? If so, what was it? Did it help? How did/does this affect you?

Has medication ever controlled the seizure(s) of your loved one – i.e. sometimes medication stops them; sometimes it doesn’t work at all; sometimes it creates a different kind of seizure.
In my case with Inattentive ADHD, I discovered a FDA approved medicine, which for me reduced (my) Inattentive ADHD symptoms 95% for 4 hours plus. Meds which work for my Inattentive ADHD include: Tirend, NoDoz, and Bonine. I am very blessed.

Have you seen/heard/personally witnessed any new form(s) of seizure meds? If so, what are they? Do you consent if your loved one is willing to try one or more of these meds?

What are some of the positive changes that have affected your life due to epilepsy, if any?
My Inattentive ADHD affected my hearing/processing of sounds, words, and music more so than my vision, so as a consequence my visual skills are good and strong.

Do you have any encouraging words/hope for people recently diagnosed with epilepsy and/or their loved ones?

What’s one word you want the general public to think of when they hear the word “epilepsy?”
It’s time to practice Divine Love (Unconditional Love).

Is there anything else you want the general public to know about epilepsy?
Life moves on; we create our own reality; life is what you make it.

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