Barrier-Free Theatre

Peyton worked with Easterseals of Arkansas’ Center for Training and Wellness to develop their first Barrier-Free Theatre production in 2016, The Master’s Minds. The students developed the characters, dialogue, scene location, plot, obstacles and final outcome of the play. They used their imaginations and freedom to experience (and share) their creativity, risk taking, team building, and many other skills provided through Drama Therapy. The development of this play is proof that Drama Therapy provides many positive elements, especially teamwork and encouragement.

Peyton’s Drama Therapy class was a welcome addition to our Creative Art instruction. Peyton spent many hours working on campus with our adults as well as working many hours on his own. Peyton was very careful to make sure to include all that wanted to participate. Peyton is a fantastic encourager and made the adults feel accepted. Peyton was willing to do what needed to be done to help make the adults feel successful. The smiles on the adults’ faces said it all when the play was all said and done. Thank you Peyton!

– Brenda Bunch, Education Coordinator, Easterseals of Arkansas’ Center for Training and Wellness

This drama therapy philosophy, created by Sally Bailey, approaches theatre with the belief that everyone is creative and has something of value to share with the community. Everyone deserves to participate in and experience the arts. This can be done by building on peoples’ strengths and providing the accommodations and adaptations that participants need, whether on stage, backstage, or in the audience. To learn more about the Barrier-Free Theatre approach, Ms. Bailey’s book, Barrier-Free Theatre: Including Everyone in Theatre Arts — in Schools, Recreation, and Arts Programs — Regardless of (Dis)Ability, may be purchased on Amazon.

To learn more about the Barrier-Free Theatre process and how to incorporate it into your program, contact Peyton today!