Personal Counseling Methods

As a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT), I combine therapeutic principles with drama therapy modalities for an opportunity of change and personal growth. Experiential and Relationship-Oriented Therapies are the foundation for my work as an RDT; however, each approach is based on a client’s needs and objectives. Most importantly, I believe everyone has value and purpose. Despite how one may think or feel, there is always truth: You matter. Your story matters. Share your story.

The following applications include select theories of Experiential and Relationship-Oriented Therapies. For more information or to schedule a group session, please complete the form located on Contact/Book Workshop.

Experiential and Relationship-Oriented Therapies

I. Existential Therapy

Therapeutic Applications:

  • Learning to accept anxiety as it occurs.
  • Developing self-awareness and individual freedom.
  • Living authentically and in the moment.
  • Seeking meaning in a subjective world.

II. Person-Centered Therapy

Therapeutic Applications:

  • Making positive changes with practical outcomes.
  • Joining creative nature with growth-fostering conditions.
  • Having unconditional positive regard.
  • Providing encouragement and validation of emotions.

III. Gestalt Therapy

Therapeutic Applications:

  • Experiencing spontaneity as avenue of healthy living.
  • Focusing on the connection of mind and body.
  • Combining self-awareness with self-regulation.
  • Accepting change as it occurs.