Produce Play

The World of Epilepsy: A Caregivers Perspective was developed to promote epilepsy awareness. Although many Caregiver’s don’t personally have seizures, their lives are dramatically changed emotionally, physically and psychologically. This play consists of real interviews with Caregiver’s from an epilepsy support group, sharing their stories. It includes specific seizure events of their loved ones, how they cope with such challenges, and how they see their future as a Caregiver. The overall theme shows how Caregiver’s also experience life-changing events and their words of encouragement (and challenges) for others with disABILITIES.

    Husband of Candace, Late 30’s
    Wife of Jason, Late 30’s
    Husband of Miranda, Late 40’s
    Single, Late 30’s
    Mother of Danny, Late 60’s
    Husband of Leeann/Good Ole’ Boy, Late 50’s
    Wife of David/Good Ole’ Gal, Early 50’s

Time: Present Day

Place: Small Auditorium

Setting: SL reveals a total of eight chairs and one table with various snacks, sodas/waters, paper plates and a sign-in sheet on a clipboard with pen. Seven chairs are placed side by side and one chair is placed next to the table.

Production Details
For additional information on producing "The World of Epilepsy: A Caregiver’s Perspective," please complete the form below. Thanks so much for your interest in learning about Drama Therapy, epilepsy and working with the disABLED! Peyton may also be contacted directly at 501-454-3301.