Client Feedback

The Canopy at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center/The Cancer Center at Memorial Hermann Northeast

“Thank you for our customized session today! We are SO fortunate and blessed to be the center of your attention. The kids and I always come away feeling like a burden has been lifted from our lives.”

– Rebecca C., Cancer Thriver

“I’ve heard really positive feedback from 2 people who attended Peyton’s drama therapy class. They really liked the different approach, and one patient’s teen daughter really got into it”.

– Kate M., LMSW, OSW-C, Oncology Social Worker

Fort Bend Independent School District, Medical Science Academy

“Your presentation was phenomenal! Learning about such a unique career was an amazing experience for me and the entire Academy. I have already received positive feedback from several students about your presentation. I will definitely feel free to reach out to you in the future for any other meeting or event that we may have. Thank you again.”

– Isabel Ohakamma, Director of Activities

Easter Seals of Greater Houston, Camp Buckaroo

“We are happy to have drama therapy at camp — such a fun way to learn valuable skills, look inward for a moment, and still get to be loud and expressive!:

– Kenzie Richard, Program Coordinator

Easter Seals of Greater Houston, L.E.A.D. Program

“He (Peyton) was terrific. I just have to share this… I am driving Robert home and I hear Robert on his computer programming the word MATTER as in — when Peyton ended with having them say YOU MATTER and I MATTER. Robert was so proud of himself choosing the icons under which to program this new word. It made our day!!!!!”

– Dorothy (mother) and Robert (drama therapy participant)

*Note: The above email is referring to a closure exercise Peyton used at the end of his workshop. The exercise is as follows: The group is in a circle. One group member begins by looking to his/her right (or left), making eye contact (if possible) and saying, “YOU matter.” After the person receives the compliment, he/she then turns and share the statement with the person to the right (or left), and so on. Once the statement is passed around the circle, everyone counts to three and says, “I matter.” This ends the session showing that everyone matters to the group, as well as themselves.

Easterseals of Arkansas’ Center for Training and Wellness

“Peyton’s Drama Therapy class was a welcome addition to our Creative Art instruction. Peyton spent many hours working on campus with our adults as well as working many hours on his own. Peyton was very careful to make sure to include all that wanted to participate. Peyton is a fantastic encourager and made the adults feel accepted. Peyton was willing to do what needed to be done to help make the adults feel successful. The smiles on the adults’ faces said it all when the play was all said and done. Thank you Peyton!”

– Brenda Bunch, Education Coordinator

Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Burn Center: Adult Retreat

“Loved it! Drama Therapy was the best!”

– S.K. (attending Burn Survivor)
“Drama Therapy was super awesome. Received some great insights.”

– S.M. (attending Burn Survivor)
“I learned a lot about how others viewed themselves, which is similar to me.”

– A.F. (attending Burn Survivor)