Additional Experiences

Quality of Life

Join Registered Drama Therapist Peyton Welch as he winds his way through a conversation session with Host Nina, sharing what it’s like to be a Therapist and Runner at the intersection of brain cancer, surgery, epilepsy, and OCD…and the courage it takes to acknowledge the fear behind the “What Ifs”. Tune in to hear how your fellow Human engages with images of both Fear and Hope – and how you can too. To learn more about Nina Garcia – also a Registered Drama Therapist – visit Houston Creative Arts Therapy (HCAT).

Radiation Complete!


Pais Project

Peyton has taught two Christian-based drama therapy workshops for the Pais Project located in Arlington, TX. The drama therapy workshops were based over the weekend where missionaries from Germany explored how to show the love of Christ through drama, specifically within schools, the community, and churches.

Playback Theatre Troupe, Kansas State University

The photos above represent a live performance as part of a Playback Theatre course at Kansas State University (KSU). The course was taught under the instruction of Randy Mulder, RDT/BCT. The photos were taken by Fatmah Al-Qadfan, the Marketing Director for the School for Music, Theatre, and Dance at KSU.

2016 NADTA Conference, Seattle, Art Project

Peyton’s art project was featured at the 2016 North American Drama Therapy Conference (NADTA) in Seattle, WA. The theme of the conference was “Sunshine Under the Umbrella,” featuring the importance of play in everyone’s life. Thus, Peyton’s project was designed as follows:

Outside Umbrella represents Emotional Struggles

  • There was a wooden box, note cards, and pens placed next to the umbrella. The attendees were encouraged to write down any struggles they were currently experiencing and place them inside the box, releasing any negativity.

Under Umbrella represents Inner Strengths

  • Once negative emotions were released, attendees could choose any color of PLAY(doh) that represented positive emotions they would like to experience. Attendees could choose more than one color and change them throughout the day/conference. The purpose of the exhibit is to acknowledge one’s positive creativity and PLAY(doh) with it!